vagrant -v : Xem version
vagrant list: xem cac lenh

vagrant box list: xem danh sach boxes
vagrant up: chạy
vagrant suspend: pause
vagrant destroy: xóa
vagrant reload: reboot
vagrant ssh: Anything you edit on your computer in the public folder is automatically shared to the virtual environment without having to SSH in. However, if for whatever reason you need to connect to the virtual server, just run this command.
vagrant ssh-config : This lets you see the detailed login credentials of how you could connect to the virtual environment.


Box mặc định lưu ở %userprofile%\.vagrant.d\boxes

You can also use the env var VAGRANT_HOME to specify the location of .vagrant.d, as in VAGRANT_HOME=D:\.vagrant.d (Yes, it works in Windows too).


There’s a simpler way to get .box file.

Just go to, search for the box you’d like to download. Notice the URL of the box, e.g:

Then you can download this box using URL like this:

I tried and successfully download all the boxes I need. Hope that help.

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